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Come rent a cottage from us in the heart of the Shasta Trinity National Forest! During your time with us, have all the fun you want with swimming, fishing, and more.

We have the cottage that fits your budget and your size. Rates vary depending on the time of year you come.

Pick the cottage that meets all your needs. We have many sizes available so make sure you look at them all.

About Sugarloaf Cottages


If you're in need of a vacation, look no further than Sugarloaf Cottages. We have a beautiful resort located right on Shasta Lake with the best water access for swimming, fishing, and having all kinds of fun with your family and friends. We offer FREE Wi-Fi so you can stay updated.

Call Arlene to schedule an appointment or to reserve a cottage: 530-238-2448


19667 Lakeshore Drive

Lakehead, CA 96051

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