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These cottages are attached and share one large porch. There is a private bedroom downstairs with one double bed. The kitchen is also downstairs along with the bathroom. The bathroom has a bathtub Upstairs is one large bedroom with 3 double beds and a sink.

Beautiful Interior Layouts

Feel right at home at Sugarloaf Cottages. We have everything your family needs to relax and enjoy the time away from home. Our cottage can hold up to 12 of your family members comfortably. Call today to schedule an appointment to visit.

These cottages have 2 double beds and a futon all in one room. There is no separate bedroom but a living and bedroom combination. They have a separate kitchen and bathroom with shower, but no tub.

This cottage is considered a 3 bedroom unit. It has 2 separate bedrooms; one bedroom has a double bed and the other has 2 double beds. The 3rd bedroom is a living and bedroom combination with 2 double beds and futon. It has 2 bathrooms, both with showers, but no tub and a good-sized kitchen.

This unit has 3 separate bedrooms, each with 2 double beds. There are 2 bathrooms, one with a shower and the other has a bathtub. It has a living room and a good-sized kitchen.

These units sit one on top of the other. Cottage #15 is the top unit and has 2 separate bedrooms and a living and bedroom combination. It is just like cottage #4, except one of the bathrooms has a tub-shower combo.


Cottage #16 is on the bottom with 3 separate bedrooms. 2 of the bedrooms have one double bed and the other has 2 double beds. There is a good-sized kitchen and living space. It has 2 bathrooms, one has a shower and the other has a tub-shower combo.

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